Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kubb - The Viking Game!

Kubb, pronounced "koob", is a Swedish game that was played by Scandinavian Vikings over 1,000 years old on the Island of Gotland in the southern part of Sweden. The game involves throwing wooden sticks at other wooden blocks, kubb, and the team to knock them all down first wins. Me and my partner Mike decided to teach this fun game to the class for our Lab C.

On Monday, Mike and I taught Kubb to the entire class. We were not able to get actual Kubb equipment, but we got what we thought was the next closest equipment resembling it, gym rings and bowling pins. It actually worked out better because it really isn't that safe or good for the gym floor to be throwing wooden blocks around. Mike started out teaching the class how to throw the ring at the kubb (the bowling pins), and the certain rules you have to follow. I helped him set up his equipment for everyone while he was teaching. Mike did a good job teaching and then it was my turn. I set up a mini kubb game in order to help the students understand the game better. I thought that instead of having them listen to to me explain the rules, I would have two people demonstrate and play the game while I explained it. I had two volunteers come out and it went pretty smoothly. What I need to work on is remembering all the little things that I have to tell the class like the C.F.U. and the safety statement. I always forget about them and then I'll just try to add it in to my lesson somehow. It would be a lot easier if I just remembered to say them at the right time. I also need to know how to prevent behavior problems. Some students got into an argument and it kinda took me by surprised and I hesitated on what to do. Knowing these procedures is very important Another problem I had were that the fields were not completely set up after I finished explaining how to play, so I had to waste a little time fixing that. I need to make sure everything is set up before I let the class go do the activity next time. It seemed like everyone had a good time playing kubb and I enjoyed teaching it.

This was the third time I taught the class and I feel like I've improved. We all had to have a lesson plan this time and it helped me out a lot. By writing up the lesson plan, it helped me remember everything I needed to do and say. Having a clear and informative lesson plan will help me be a better physical educator. I also thought I did a pretty good job on my time coding form. The one thing I would try to fix is the management time. Since the fields were not set up in time, students were waiting for me to fix some of the fields before they could begin. I still had a large amount of activity time which was good for everyone. I still need to work on being more specific while giving feedback. I walk around a lot and give positive feedback, but I am always worrying about moving around and trying to get to every student that I don't stop at a certain person and help them if they need it. This is something I need to improve a lot on. My transcript I felt was pretty good. I gave a lot of information and I felt I spoke clearly and loud enough. Everyone understood what I wanted them to do and we got right into the game. Kubb was a challenge to teach, since no one ever played it before, and I feel like Mike and I did a great job teaching it.


  1. Thank you for getting Lab C done. You did seem relaxed and confident in what you were teaching. I had trouble opening your transcript. Could you check that for me (while not signed into your Google Account). I like how you tell us why you think your teaching has improved (preparation, planning, etc,,). Keep the blogs coming.

  2. Kevin, it looks like your lesson went over pretty well. I was not there but from reading your blog and see how much feedback you were able to perform, it seems like you did great. Couple things, your video was not working, so you might want to try to fix that and I also was not able to open your transcript.