Saturday, December 12, 2009

Exercise Ball Bingo



For lab D, I decided to teach a lesson on exercise balls. It would be my last lesson I would teach. Instead of just focusing on how to do two or three different exercises using the exercise ball I decided to go a little out of the ordinary and make a Bingo game out of it. The game would have eight different exercise ball exercises along with four other activities that didn’t involve the exercise ball. It turned out to be a great idea. Everyone seemed to love it. I also made up some rules that all the students had to follow. The first rule was that every activity had to be done with a different partner. The second rule was that each activity had to be done with a different partner. The two partners then had to sign their name in a box showing that they completed the activity and it was with a different person.

I feel like I did a better job teaching this lesson. I explained how to do everything clearly and the certain rules that everyone had to follow. What I liked the most was that each person had to switch partners and complete the activity. This gets student to interact with all the other students in the class instead of just staying with one partner the whole time. What I did a much better job on was giving feedback to everyone. I got to a lot of people explaining different ways they can improve and giving encouraging feedback. I did a really good job on my time coding form. For most of the lesson the students were doing some type of activity. The exercise ball was something I was not too familiar with until this lesson so I enjoyed teaching it.