Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I thought I did a good job explaining cues and instructions but I needed to show more excitement and interest while teaching. Your voice and body language can tell how much enthusiasm you have while teaching. In my case, I felt I spoke confidently and clearly, but I stood straight up and did not move around at all. The only movements I had were me going through the steps of how to serve and bump a volleyball. I need to be more outgoing while explaining cues and instructions. It looks like I was bored and did not want to be there. The more interest you have in an activity, the more interested your students will be. Adding a little competition is always a good thing to keep up the interest and attention. I should have added some type of contest. It would help by making kids want to learn and participate. Another error I had was not walking around giving feedback to the class while they were practicing the serve. I realized this mistake and fixed it while the class was bumping the volleyball.

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